*** Hip Hop Make up classes for "Temperature" & "Umbrella***

Sunday April 26 2pm-3pm - Umbrella  3pm-4pm - Temperature



Spring Recital Time!


Walkerton Rotary Festival Tues April 28th

At K of C Hall—between Walkerton and Mildmay - there is usually a small entrance fee for parents/audience

 9:00  The Best Song Ever              Primary Tap—Anna                
10:00  Jungle Rhythm                Beginner Tap--Cheyanne
10:35 In Summer                           Jr. Ballet--Megan
11:05  Big Spender                             Primary HH—Ronin/Erika
11:25 We are Siamese             Jr. Acro—Claire
11:35  Wild                                Jr. Jazz—Meghan
11:50  Let’s get Loud                 Jr. Tap—Anna
1:10  Newsies                                Musical Theatre #1—Meghan
1:25   Sweet Dreams                  Interm. Comp—Meghan
1:40  Applause                        Interm. Jazz--Meghan
1:50 Temperature                   Jr HH #2--Michelle
1:50  Umbrella                         Jr HH #1--Michelle
2:05  The Angel                       Interm. Contemp--Amy
2:25 Speaking French                   Interm. Acro--Claire
2:40 Moon Light Talk                     Interm. Ballet-Megan
3:05  You Can’t Stop the Beat       Musical Theatre #2--Meghan
3:40  Wings                                 Interm. Tap--Anna
4:10  Pon De Floor                    Sr. Tap--Anna
4:25  What if the Storm ends     Solo-competitive-Meghan
4:30 Yeah                                  Interm. HH #1—Michelle
4:30 Maria Maria                    Interm. HH #2--Michelle
4:50 Love Story                   Pointe--Megan
6:10 Hide and Seek                   Sr. Comp--Meghan
6:35  Talk Dirty                     Sr. HH—Michelle
6:55 Ala Nanita Nana                    Sr. Acro--Claire
7:05  All Women are beautiful            Sr. Ballet--Megan
7:30  Nothing Else Matters                Sr. Contemp--Amy
Attention Families—Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your dance time—Don’t forget your shoes.  Costumes will be brought to the festival for you.  Parents/dancers are responsible for Hair & Makeup



Dress Rehearsal April 29th ( please eat supper first)

If you are in the 1st half of the show arrive @ 5pm

If you don't start till the 2nd half of show, arrive @ 6pm


Recital May 1st 6:30pm

May 2nd 1pm & 6:30pm

May 3rd 1pm (awards show)



CASH ONLY $12.50/ticket available during Class hours

& Dress Rehearsal










Annual General Meeting May 26th @ 7pm in studio

Please come and help support your Executive or join the team



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