Welcome to the gbsd Family


DANCE-A-THON is October 23rd @ Holy Family Gymnasium


Dancers aged 12 or younger are able to participate

A great way to complete your $75 Fundraising component for the school.

Treat for every dancer & Top Fundraiser gets a great prize!


If you have a question or concern about class placement or time please email the website @ address below.


For in between updates and information please follow our Facebook Page!

Sign up sheets available for shoe sales & searches @ the studio!


Registration will remain open until October 31st! Please use our online registration or contact us through email.


A few GBSD facts about our classes - each class is 45 min long which includes a warm up, skill building, and choreography! ( Kinder is 30 min)

We have limits on #'s of children in the class ~
Kinder - 10
Primary & Junior 12
Intermediate & Senior - 15

Costumes are included in the price of the class and we have a fabulous inventory that we can reinvent or we purchase new, and even sew to make our teachers vision come to life.

Each Class has a class Mom to make sure nobody goes missing for long and that everyone is picked up safely! 

End of year Recital is always the first full weekend in May ~ a few weeks to have a break

and get ready for Soccer/ Baseball/ etc.

We have a great relationship with Auditions Dance Supplies & Active Wear downtown Hanover - if you have questions regarding shoes or clothing, Leslie can help!

Looking forward to a great dance season!




Contact us - info@greybrucedance.com

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